As you know, Italy is famous all around the world for its beauty, history and of course food!

Two of the most famous and rewarded Italian products are definitely wine and EVO Oil. We have a great and ancient tradition in the production of these Italian excellences, and today we want you to get to know one of our partners, a family business that chooses quality and sustainability as its trademark.

We had a chat with Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, owner and Chairman of Castello Monte Vibiano, a wine and Extra virgin oil farm, and asked him some questions about his company in Umbria. Keep reading if you want to know more about this amazing property!

- The first thing you see where you arrive is the imposing castle, both headquarter of your company and ancestral home of your family; we are curious to know more about the history of the manor of Monte Vibiano and your activity.
Our Castle, dated back to the 1st century BC, is located in the Mercatello valley, an area surrounded by historical hamlets and beautiful landscapes. In the estate you can also find a Hortus Conclusus, ancient walls the Romans built to protect the vines. My family is very passionate about agriculture, so when my great-grandfather bought the estate in 1898 he also bought the over 500 years old olive orchard that was part of the property. In 1989 I resumed the family’s wine-making tradition, my wish was to create a product that could compete with the top Italian wines in the market.

- Castello Monte Vibiano is located in Umbria, a region known as the green heart of Italy, set between Rome and Florence; what is your contribution to the environment and the protection of the territory?
The environment is our priority; in 2008 we started a project called “360° green revolution”, our goal was to make the company more environmentally sustainable and to reduce the greenhouse gas emission to zero by 2009. We are the first farm to be certified Zero CO2 emissions. We could say that this revolution started more than half a century ago when my father, Andrea Fasola Bologna, planted over 10.000 trees in the estate. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, convert it to oxygen, and then release it into the atmosphere. They are a natural air purifier.

- Your company is world renowned for its exclusive wines and Extra virgin olive oils, could you tell us a little bit more about the making of these products?
We are leaders in the production of wine and EVO Oil. Our property's terrains are rich in limestone and chalk, perfect for the growing of vineyards and olive orchards. For our wines, we use both local and international grapes, such as Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Our cold-pressed oils are made with twelve rare autochthon olive types. The olives are harvested by hand from ancient trees and are genetically certified. One of our most famous products is the Vibianino, an unfiltered EVO olio, enclosed in an exclusive single dose glass bottle. Our extra virgin oil is served in the Business and First class onboard the most important international airline companies.

Thank you very much for your time Lorenzo, that was very interesting and now that we know more about your company, we can't wait to taste again your special products!

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