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Job Title Description Location State Department Req ID
Travel consultant Primary objectives will be to create personalized itineraries and other related services during customer’s travel to Italy. As part of the Team work, you will also contribute to the creation of new high-quality products and actions finalized to satisfaction of new and repeater clients. Rome Italy Sales department SD2018001
Operations agent Primary objectives will be to manage supplier schedules and tickets reservation. As part of the Team work, you will also cooperate to create a supplier’s portfolio for new destinations and extend relationships with selected hotels and accommodations. Rome Italy Operations and Customer care department OCD2018002
Marketing operator Primary objectives will be to plan and oversee marketing activities and campaigns, and to contribute in the implementation of marketing strategies. Other main goals will be to get and analyse feedbacks from other office departments and external PR agencies in order maximise brand promotion. Rome Italy Marketing and Business development department MBD2018003